The Savanna is a all terrain robot built to carry a DSLR camera on its stabilised 3-axis gimbal arm. The Savanna’s platform and arm are programmable and remote controllable. Lightweight, durable and with low maintenance the Savanna provides exceptionally stable and smooth photography and cinematography in the toughest terrains.

The Savanna is composed of a four wheel chassis and 3-axis DSLR gimbal mounted on a motorised arm. The chassis is made with aluminium and carbon fibre to house the electronics, batteries and motors safety and compactly. This chassis allows the Savanna to be splash and dirt proof while maintaining a low weight of just under 15Kg without a camera installed. The side door of the chassis provides easy access to all the components.

The gimbal arm system is motorised to raise up an extra 35cm. The gimbals pitch (x) and tilt (y) can swivel -45º and +45º while the roll (z) can rotate and full 360º. The Savanna can carry up to two cameras, one on the gimbal and another on the front of the chassis. The front camera mount is not motorised but can be swivelled to the left and right manually.

The included remote control system yields a 50 metre range and access to all the functions of the robot including turning the robot on and off. The controller is integrated in a PeliCase which includes the remote control for the wheels and gimbal arm. Also included in the case is a video system capable of controlling the camera settings, trigger and video feed remotely.


  • All terrain four wheel drive
  • Durable & low maintenance
  • Fast setup
  • Motorised camera arm with a stabilised 3-axis gimbal mount
  • Quick release gimbal for fast camera swapping
  • Lightweight frame and body of just under 15Kg without camera
  • Full remote camera control using Camranger
  • All-in-one case for both robot and camera controller up to 50 metre range

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