A robust, reliable and flexible self-balancing mobile platform for robotic applications.

This platform provides researchers, engineers and hackers the ability to easily design their robotic application on top of a modular hardware interface. The user can quickly develop and integrate their own hardware, integrate sensors, manipulators, other types of payload and third party equipment on top of the platform.

All these great features top off with an open software architecture and simple control method, complete with an available software framework and seamless ROS integration.

Suited to a great variety of applications where mobility, adaptability are required:

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  • Research and development
  • Indoor/outdoor navigation and path planning
  • Personal and service robotics
  • Human interaction
  • Remote controlled and tele-operated applications

With the help from Robosavvy engineers, you have total freedom to choose and integrate your sensors, perception and localization systems or other hardware for your specific application.

The Self-Balance Robotic Platform lets you put your robot sensors, computers and actuators at any payload of up to 100kg and at any height (center-of-mass). We did the heavy-lifting of the complex algorithms necessary to ensure stable self balancing. All you have to do: – mount your robot system (sensors, actuators, batteries, cpu etc.) on top of the platform (we can place holes on the top plate according to your specifications) – communicate with the platform using ROS pub/sub interface over Ethernet

communications protocol allows you to reconfigure your robot with new payload and new CM height in runtime (for example when your humanoid robot upper body that needs to lift a load with his hand both payload and CM change several times per second)


  • Self-balancing mobile platform for loads from 10 kg up to 100 kg.
  • Mobility overview:
    • Configurable self-balancing and driving behavior
    • Differential steering
  • UART serial protocol communication over USB CDC class device
    • Velocity commands
    • Real-time state feedback
  • Internal processing unit (optional)
    • Built-in mini-itx formfactor PC – compatible with 5th Generation Intel Core processors
  • ROS packages:
    • Communication packages
    • Configuration GUI
    • Visualization tools for RVIZ
    • Gazebo simulation
  • Safe operation
    • Human physical override
    • Remote controlled override
    • LED color coded status output
  • Modular payload interface for rapid system integration
  • Hot-swap power input for continuous operation with DC / Battery transition (when internal electronics are supplied)
  • Easy sensor placement
  • Automatic parking support (Optional)
  • Rugged and compact design

Industry Examples

Ground Drone

This autonomous camera unit was built using the RoboSavvy Self-Balance Robotic Platform as it’s base. The Ground Drone V1 is an autonomous cinematography unit. With a 3-axis self stabilising gimbal this robot provides a smooth, compact and programmable filming experience.

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Long Hauls, Cross-Docking, Putaway, End-of-line, Replenishment, Staging/Sortation, Pick Assistance, Parts-to-line and more the TUGBOT can do it all. A fully autonomous unit that is built on top of the RoboSavvy Self-Balance Robotic Platform.

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Rickie is one of its kind 1.2m tall humanoid robot that rides the RoboSavvy Self-Balance Robotic Platform.. His head has two cameras that are remotely linked to an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset that allows the remote operator to be fully immersed in the telepresence robot.

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F.R.H.A.N.K is an artificially intelligent, socially curated gaming humanoid robot that acts as a side-kick to celebrity youtube gamer vlogger Ali-A. The Fridge Raider Hunger Automated Nutritional Kit, or F.R.H.A.N.K. for short, was Ali-A’s side-kick for 7 months between October 2014 and April 2015.

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  • Max Payload
  • Max Speed
  • Mileage
  • Max Slope
  • 100Kg
  • 20Km/h
  • up to 20Km (75kg payload on flat road)
  • 20°


  • Protocol
  • RC RF receiver
  • Serial
  • 3 channel input


  • Main Materials
  • Tire/Rim size
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Magnesium, aluminium and LEXAN resin
  • 850/500-120 mm
  • 390mm × 590mm × 400mm
  • ~25Kg


  • Motor Power
  • Battery
  • Battery autonomy
  • Optional user power
  • Charge time
  • Charger
  • 2 x 1350W
  • Exchangeable 55V/450Wh Li-Ion battery
  • 20km
  • 24V/12V/5V
  • 3 hours to full charge
  • 1 × standard charger; 120W

For more information please contact us by phone on +442071837505 or by email info@robosavvy.com