The Ground Drone V1 & V2 are autonomous cinematography units. With a self balancing base and a 3-axis self stabilising gimbal these robots provides a smooth, compact and programmable filming experience.

Ground Drone is an all terrain robotic platform, loaded with an i7 Intel processor – in 2 and 4 – wheel models – which uses our computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithms to identify the target object, the surroundings, together with other sensor data to calculate the motion trajectory and move the camera through the flow required by the user. Trajectories can be programmed, or remote controlled, but Ground Drone also can perform intelligent functions (‘follow the bride while mingling with the crowd’, etc.) The components are shown at left. We will include an app store feature
for specific use-cases. The user attaches the camera of his or her choice.

The robot can be controlled by two ways.

1) A Graphical User Interface (GUI) can be used to setup and configure the robot and define the operational modes (for pre-determined, repeated shots, for example). The GUI is web-based – the user connects to the robot with a mobile device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) to configure and set-up
the robot. There is no need for an internet connection. The robot has its own local wireless network.
An online Ground Drone app store will allow for apps to be developed and accessed for specific use cases (live events, off-road stage and studio, 3D filming, etc.).

2) A remote controller – the user can manually remote control in real-time one or several axis of the robot. To control the robot remotely in real-time we provide a remote controller (Radio Frequency controller – similar to RC models) when there is a need to remote control the camera/wheels.

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