Case Studies

Case Studies

  The Scenario

Manufacturers and logistics companies are facing unprecedent challenges with increasing pressure to improve efficiency, reduce costs whilst facing shortage of labour. The use of human labour to pull carts is long overdue and cost innefective.

A major step to mitigate those issues and to boost productivity is investing in automation. Companies that invested in automation have perceived significant returns of their investment.



of Manufacturers say their productivity has  increased as a result of  automation*



of Manufacturers say automation allows  more time for staff to  complete other tasks*



of Manufacturers see improved consistency  in their processes as a  result of automation*

€49 bn

Each €1bn invested in automation could lead  to a €49bn injection in  wider economy in a  decade*

*Source: Barclays’ Future-proofing UK Manufacturing report.

  The Solution

TUGBOT, an autonomous mobile robot that can pull almost any cart. 

Very  stable and precise, TUGBOT is designed and manufactured by RoboSavvy in Portugal by a team of best-of-breed robot developers specialising in ROS, Automation,  Robotics, Vision Systems, Electronics, Mechanics, Computer Science, Software Development and AI.


CTT Correios – Postal Mail – Portugal

Zalando – Clothing – Germany

Carrefour – Retail – France

Bentley – Automotive – United Kingdom

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